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KNX Smart Home - Living in the future

Advantages of the KNX System

Why KNX? Read about the advantages of the KNX Smart Home Solutions!

Automatic control adds to your personal comfort

The KNX smart controls interconnect your heating- or cooling system with your shutters and windows in order to use every bit of energy in your house effectively. They allow you to put everything on a timemanagement so everything is prearranged for your arrival: the heating/ cooling is started to set the right temperature, the preset light scene is set and the shutters opened, all automatically for you to walk in and feel comfortable. If you are away for the day just change the routine to a different preset from your office PC or iphone.

Turn-key safety in your home

With the turn of the house door key in a code-lock or switch in the entrance area of your house selectable alarm- and emergency features can be turned on. The smoke detector on the network sends out an alarm signal if smoke or a smouldering fire is detected. Gas- and water-leaks are instantly detected and signalled. Each alarm message can be forwarded to your mobile to give you the possibility of minimum response time.

Smart metering - keep on top of your energy bills

Find ineffective energy consumption in your house and keep in control of your energy bills.

Whether they are energy-wasting household appliances, ineffective luminaries or any device left on and forgotten about it, they can be detected instantly. Energy data analysis, charting alerts- and reports management for your metering allow you to oversee your energy demand even on your iphone.

There are advanced energy management systems if you are the owner or manager of larger facilities. Energy data, bills and analyses can be sent automatically to each tenant individually e.g. by email.


As all switches and sensors are logically connected to the KNX-bus to control the output devices, nearly everything is possible within your electrical installation even if the building process is finished! You have decided to switch the veranda lights from your bedroom upstairs as from today? The electrician forgot a switch for the outdoor lights or messed up the logic of your design? No problem with KNX! With the flexibility of the bus system you can change things around and most importantly upgrade your system at any time!

A further plus in terms of safety is the low voltage on which the bus system runs. All switches do not carry 240V anymore, so in case of an electrical fault or children playing and messing about with them they are not at risk of electrical shock.

Multiroom Media Experience

Imagine the shutters go down, the lights are dimmed, the beamer starts and the screen rolls down to show you the available choice of blockbusters, all in one scenario.
Let yourself in for a real home cinema experience and have your complete music collection available anywhere in the house! The interaction of the KNX components for house automation and the Multiroom Media Technology opens up new horizons! Light scenarios can be incorporated in the entertainment scenarios in multiple rooms and the garden.
The best thing is: You have the total control with user friendly menus just with one touch on your iPad, wireless.
You can manage preset light-, shutter- and heating scenarios, use the manual controls or browse through your music collection! Can you still imagine anything less?

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